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Inquiries About Mixcraft Home Studio, Recording Studio or Pro Studio

  1. Audio Formats

    1. Melodyne crashes Mixcraft when attempting to activate
    2. Melodyne version 5.1 update crashes Mixcraft
    3. Mixcraft Won't Load The Sound
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  2. Control Surfaces

    1. Mixcraft doesn't recognize my controller!
    2. Mixcraft recognizes some knobs or buttons on my controller, but won't respond to other knobs or buttons.
    3. Mixcraft doesn't recognize my controller!
  3. CD Burning

    1. How Do I Get Rid Of The Two Second Gap Between Tracks On My Burned CD?
    2. The Burned CD Does Not Play In My Car or Home CD Player
    3. CD/DVD Recorder Is Not Found
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  4. Effects

    1. VST3 With Long Name Not loading (Mixcraft 8)
    2. I'm noticing latency or a slight delay from certain effects in Mixcraft
    3. Classic Effects are muted or don't work
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  5. Files Not Loading

    1. Video Is Not Loading
    2. Sound Won't Load
    3. WMA File Support
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  6. MIDI

    1. When I try to play certain chords or key combinations using musical typing, it doesn't always work!
    2. My instrument settings change when I play my MIDI song!
    3. Do I need a hardware midi controller in order to use Mixcraft's virtual instruments?
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  7. Playback

    1. Sound Plays Back Too Slow Or Fast
    2. My audio playback or recording in Mixcraft keeps stuttering, and increasing the buffers or latency doesn't help
    3. When I play audio in Windows Vista or above, I'm getting strange effects like echoing, or my audio just doesn't sound right -- even outside Mixcraft.
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  8. Sound Library

    1. Cannot Download Library Sounds
    2. Can I Import My Own Sounds?
    3. When downloading the big installer with all the loops, I get a message about inserting disk 2.
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  9. Video

    1. I Am Getting DirectX Errors or Errors Loading Video
    2. Video File Is Too Big
    3. When I try to mix down to WMV in Mixcraft, I get an E_Fail Directshow error message.
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  10. Recording

    1. New Recorded Tracks Are Picking Up Sound From Other Tracks
    2. How Do I Set Mixcraft Up To Record From Memory (RAM)?
  11. Miscellaneous issues

    1. The software does not start and has a missing DLL.
    2. Can I use Mixcraft for podcasting?