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Video Is Not Loading

If the video fails to load, it is because you are most likely missing the correct DirectX video codec. The best advice is to do one of the following:

·Install the software that came with your video camera. It may also have come with a DirectX video decoder that would allow other programs such as Windows Movie Maker or Windows Media Player to play the files. (This assumes that the file was created with a video camera that you own.) Make sure to restart your computer after installing.

·Download a video file converter to convert it to AVI or WMV. This is better than loading the original video format, as it will be faster.

·Install a DirectX/DirectShow video codec. for the video format you are attempting to load. Beware of many faulty/buggy/error prone decoders out there on the Internet, partner.

·Install the latest version of Windows Media Player.

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