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I Am Having Burn Failures

Here are some things to do to troubleshoot a burn failure.

  • Try a burn in 'Test Mode' first.
  • Some CD drives don't work correctly with test burns, so if you have test mode selected, turn it off.
  • Try a different blank CD (Make sure its not full or scratched)
  • Try a blank CD from a different manufacturer.
  • If you are using CD-RW discs, try CD-R discs.
  • Try burning at a slower speed, especially if your CD recorder does not have 'Burn Proof'.
  • Try checking the option to 'Convert To WAV First.'
  • If you have more than one CD or DVD recorder, try switching to the other recorder.
  • Switch between Primo or IMAPI from within Mixcraft's CD Burning preferences.
  • Try burning a short sound just to verify that CD recorder can still burn and is not defective.
  • Try burning with another program such as Windows Media Player to verify that your CD recorder is not defective or having some kind of system conflict.

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