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It is failing to burn audio CDs

There are many CD recorders, computer configurations, blank CD models, and reasons for burn failures. Here are some things for you to try.

1. Do a test burn! Make sure to click "Test Mode" on the CD Burning Settings Screen

2. Shut down all other programs.

3. Reduce your burn speed.

4. Turn off CD-Text on the CD Burning Settings Screen

5. Select "Convert To Wav Files First" on the CD Burning Settings Screen

6. Try a different blank CDR. (Make sure its not damaged, scratched or already used!)

7. Try a different BRAND of blank CDR. (Some CD recorders work better with certain brands. Consult your CD recorder manual.)

8. Try switching burning engines: quit Spin It Again. Select "All Programs" from the Window's "Start" button, followed by "Acoustica Spin It Again", followed by "Burning Engine", followed by "Use-IMAPI (XP Only)" or "Use-Goldenhawk" or "Use-Primo."

9. Try shutting down and then restarting your computer before a burn.

10. Try reducing the number of tracks, if you are exceeding the length of the CD"s capacity.

11. Finally, try contacting our support

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