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Sound Is Breaking Up / Popping Or Clicking

When playing audio and it sounds like it is starting and stopping quickly, it could be because the computer is over tasked due to other programs running at the same time.  In addition, your computer may not be powerful enough to mix the audio.  Always shut down as many unnecessary programs as possible.  It may even be advantageous to temporarily shut down your virus software.  (We do not recommend doing this unless you have done a full scan and are not connected to the Internet.)


Pianissimo has to work harder as it mixes more notes.


Take a look at Mixcraft's Sound Device preferences:

If you are in ASIO mode, click Open Mixer and increase the buffers.  If you are in WaveRT mode, try increasing the latency time. You can also try selecting Exclusive Mode.  If you are in Wave mode (not recommended), try increasing the buffer size and the number of buffers.


Always make sure that you have the latest drivers for your sound card.  Visit your sound card manufacturer's website to see if there is an update.


Also, make sure your computer is not in power-saving mode. Learn more here:  Windows Power Plans and CPU Throttling

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