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Sound Is Delayed Or Lagging (Latency)

If there is a big delay or lag between the time when sound enters your computer and when you actually hear it, that means you have high latency.  The solution to latency depends on the type of audio device you have and which settings you are using.


Reducing Latency Using WaveRT

Select Preferences from Mixcraft's File menu, click "Sound Device" followed by clicking "Core Audio (WaveRT)," and select a lower latency time. You may need to enable Exclusive Mode and restart Mixcraft to get lower latency settings with WaveRT mode.

Reducing Latency Using ASIO

Go into Preferences, click "Sound Device" followed by clicking "ASIO".  Click the Open Mixer... button.  Use your ASIO driver control to configure the latency or buffer settings. If you lower the settings too much, audio playback will become choppy. 


Reducing Latency Using Wave drivers (not recommended because Wave is slow).

Go to the Preferences, click "Sound Device" followed by clicking "Wave".  Reduce the number of buffers and/or buffer size.  Try different settings to try and find the right balance between performance and smooth non-gapping audio.  The latency will be shown in milliseconds.


Always make sure that you have the latest drivers for your sound card or audio interface.

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