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Sound Is Breaking Up / Popping Or Clicking / Lagging

When playing the session, it sounds like someone is starting and stopping the sound real quick, repeatedly. This could be because the computer has slowed down due to other programs running at the same time.

Mixcraft has to work harder as the layers of sound increase. Try increasing the buffer size or the number of buffers in the Advanced Section of the Preferences Playback tab.

If you are doing a lot of recording and you find that the actual recordings are being broken up, you may change the Recording Settings on the Recording tab of the Preference Dialog.

Additionally, you may choose to reduce the # of effects that you are using during recording. Go ahead and mute the effects. You can always turn them back on later. (Effects use significant CPU power.)

Another trick is to reduce the number of tracks. Each track has its own separate mix down which costs in terms of your computerÔÇÖs memory and CPU power. If you donÔÇÖt need sounds to be separate tracks, try and put them on as few tracks as possible.

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