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How can I prevent certain plugins from loading?

For recent versions of Mixcraft (starting with Mixcraft 7), there's an option under the File menu called Manage Plug-Ins. This allows you to enable and disable plugins in Mixcraft.  Note: you'll need to click OK and restart Mixcraft for the settings to work.

Mixcraft 4 and 5:

Mixcraft has two files, which you can edit to exclude effects from loading. These files are located in your Mixcraft directory, which defaults to C:\Program Files\Acoustica Mixcraft 4/5

Mixcraft 6:

As of Mixcraft 6, the file is located here C:\ProgramData\Acoustica\Mixcraft

DXIgnore.ini - DirectX effect ignore list
VSTIgnore.ini - VST effect ignore list

Simply open or double click the file with a text editor like notepad or wordpad and add all or part of the name of the effect. For example, if you had an effect called "Digital Media StudioDenoiser" that you didn"t want the software to load, you would enter:

Digital Media StudioDenoiser

You can also enter part of a name as a "wildcard." For example, if you entered the following, all effects that started with the word "Digital" would not load:


 In a similar fashion, if you just entered the letter "D" then all the effects that start with D would not load, so be careful.

Enter each effect name that you want to ignore on a separate line. Finally, save the file and restart Mixcraft.

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