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How To Record

You can record your own audio in Mixcraft.

  1. Select the "REC" button or select "Record Sound" from the "Sound" menu
  2. Select the correct Soundcard if you have more than one.
  3. Select the correct Source.
    • If you are recording from the "Mic In" select your microphone
    • If you have a mixer or other device plugged into the line in of your sound card, select "Line In" or "Aux". Different sound cards will have different names for it

  4. If you want to record at non CD quality format such as 192khz, etc, you can change the default recording format by clicking "Change"
  5. Make sure your level is good and in the 'green' zone. If its cipping, you will see the red clip boxes light up. Clipping results in distortion and does not sound good.
  6. Click the "Record" button to start recording!
  7. When you are done, the sound will appear in Mixcraft!

Also, watch this great tutorial on recording audio

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