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It's not recording anything

1. Make sure that you've hooked up your record or cassette tape player properly. Run the Hookup Wizard!

2. Make sure to set the correct recording source and adjust the level. Run the Recording Level Wizard!

3. Make sure to click the "Record" button and then play back your record or tape.

4. If you are still having problems, try turning off "Pause Recording When Silence Is Detected" in the Miscellaneous area of the settings.

5. If that didn't help, try recording from a different source. Can you record anything at all? See the Recording Level Wizard.

6. Make sure to click the "Open Mixer" button and double check that the correct source is not muted. Double check the recording settings. Click "Properties" from the "Options" menu. Select "Recording" and click "OK". Make sure that the correct source is selected. Normally, the correct source would be "Line In" or "Analog Mix".
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