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Is DJ Twist & Burn For You?

Professional and amateur DJs or MCs can use the software to create the perfect seamless beatmatched mix for any occassion, including weddings. :)

Working Out
Fit minded and health oriented enthusiasts can create CDs or MP3s for workouts such as aerobics, spinning, running, jogging, bicycling, weight lifting, Yoga, Pilates or whatever makes you sweat to the beat.

Karaoke or musicians
Remove the vocals from any song. More on the vocal remover... Slow down songs or change the key to play along with better.

Cheerleaders, gymnasts, ice skaters or other artistic performers can create masterful tempo adjusted routines.

Having Fun!
Dancers, ravers, party hosts and night owls can easily build their own sets for the ultimate party dance mix.

Road Trips
Planning a road trip? Don"t forget to make the perfect road trip cd where each song beat mixes and fades into each other.

Download DJ Twist & Burn here.
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