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What Are These CD Track Marker Things?

Track markers can be used to help organize your session. But they can also be used in conjunction with a multi-WAV, MP3 or WMA mix down.

What's that you say? Lets say you created this 60 minute CD audio masterpiece that has 10 sections. You invite your friend over and tell him to "listen to this one part." You spend 15 minutes trying to fast forward to the right spot and your friend loses interest! Wouldn't it have been better to just seek to track #8 ,for example? Thus, you can place a marker at the exact spot and select the "CD Track" checkbox. When you do a multi-WAV save, it will create multiple WAV files based on these "CD Track" markers. Or, you can burn a CD directly with version 2 and above. Click "Burn CD" from the "Mix" menu, or the "Burn CD" button to burn a CD.

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