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How can I import the song titles from the CD I burned so I don't have to type them all in?

If you burned an audio CD, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker can usually import your song information from the playlist file you created with your CD Burner program. When you burned the CD, your CD Burning software should have created a file storing the names of all the song files that you were burning onto the CD. If you didn't save this list, please do so from now on -- it will save you lots of typing.

If you click the "Tracks" button on the CD Label Maker's toolbar to launch the CD Contents dialog and then click the "Import" button on that dialog, the CD Label Maker will pop up a dialog that lets you find & select the playlist file you used to create your CD. Once you select the file, the Label Maker will scan the playlist file, load your song information from it, and display it in the CD Contents dialog.

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker may also be able to read the tracks names from the CD itself. Make sure your CD's inserted in a CD drive, then click the "Read CD" button on the Tracks dialog to start this process. If you've got an MP3 (data) CD, the CD Label Maker will read all the files off the CD and then read the tag data from the files themselves. If you've got an audio CD, the CD Label Maker will see if it can read CD-Text from the CD, then see if it can find a match for this CD in your cdplayer.ini file, and if both those fail, will attempt to look up information for your CD over the internet from FreeDB.

If you burned your CD with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, you can click the "CD Label" button on the CD Burner"s toolbar and the CD Burner will launch the CD Label Maker and automatically tell it the names, artists, and lengths of all your songs. If the Acoustica CD Burner asks if you want to save before it launches the CD Label Maker, click the "yes" button.

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