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I'm getting no volume or low volume from my Mixcraft Vocal Studio Microphone!

Windows will often set the recording volume for new USB microphones very low. You just need to go into your Windows control panel audio settings to turn up the recording volume. For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, right-click on the small volume control in your Windows task bar and and select "Recording Devices." (Find this in desktop mode in Windows 8). Or, go into the Windows control panel and select the Sound applet.

Open up the properties for the microphone and select the Levels tab. Turn up the microphone level as needed. 


Windows recording device level screen shot.


For Windows XP, right click on the small volume control in your Windows task bar and select "Audio Properties," or go into the Windows Control Panel and open up "Sounds and Audio Devices." Choose the Audio tab, then turn up the volume for the microphone.

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  1. Grace Newcomer

    I purchased a Steller X2 Condenser Microphone.  I am not getting any sound in my Mixcraft Pro 9.  I am using the Scarlet 2i4 Interface. All volumes are on the computer and interface.  I can however use a Pevey 100  microphone and i get volume in the Mixcraft Pro 9. I have pressed the 48V on the interface which is supposed to be for phantom power. Any help would be appreciated.