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What are the different search options on the second screen?

  • "My Pictures" checkbox - This will add all photos found under your My Pictures directory. (This will not add pictures from other users on your machine.)
  • "CD/DVD Drives" checkbox - This will add any photos found on any CD or DVD drives on your computer.
  • "Cameras/Removable Drives" checkbox - This will add any photos found on any USB drives, cameras or removable devices that appear as a hard drive under "My Computers". (If your digital camera has a special way of connecting to it, it may not appear here.)
  • "Networked Drives (Mapped)" checkbox - If you have any networked/mapped drives, this will search them. To add a networked drive, double click "My Computer", select "Map Network Drive" from the "Tools" menu. Follow the instructions to add a mapped network drive.
  • Remove Unchecked - Removes any images in the list that are not checked. This is helpful to cull the list.
  • Refresh - Causes the software to re-scan your computer for images. If any photos were removed, it will ask if you want to re-add them.
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