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Create A Ring Tone For Your Cell Phone

One of the hotter trends with cell phones is making custom ring tones. Many newer cell phones support the ability to play audio and recordings. If you have one of these types of cell phones, it should be able play MP3s.

Creating Your Own Ring
It should be relatively short. Most people answer their phone within 20 seconds or it goes to voice mail in at least 20 seconds. Choose a song and use the loop editor to narrow down a riff and make it loop. Overlay your voice, add some sound effects and then mix it down to MP3. Select "Mix Down To" from the "File" menu and then select MP3. Pick a folder and file name and click "Save". Pick a format, such as 128 kbps and then click "Save" again.

Renaming Your .MP3 To .MID
We've tested this with a Verizon LG phone and found that you have to rename your MP3 file to a .MID file. Locate the folder where you saved the MP3 and select it. Right click on the file and select "Rename". Type in a new name and end it with ".MID". (Note that if you did not see the .MP3 in the first place, you'll need to show extensions by going into "Folder options" on the "Tool" menu of the folder. Click "View" and make sure that "Hide extensions for known types" is unchecked.)

Getting Your Ring On Your Phone
The easiest way to get your ring on to your phone is to email it to your phone as an attachment. For the Verizon phone we tested, the email address is the area code followed by the phone number @ . For example, if your cell phone number was 555-111-2222 then the email would be . Of course, this is the way it works currently for Verizon picture phones, and it may not necessarily work in this exact way for your phone. Create an email and attach the .MID file created in the previous step. Send it and in a few moments, you will receive a message. On your cell phone, save the sound and then go into the options or the menu to set it as your main ring. Consult your manual or the Internet for more help on your particular phone.

(You may also be able to hook up your phone via USB to transfer it. In addition, there are specific dedicated programs to transfer your audio files to your cell phone.)

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